Insurance: ACAPS and FMSAR strengthen the mediation system

By The Economist| On 06/04/2022 – 11:45 | To share

The insurance mediation system, signed in 2015, has just been strengthened. A way to reduce recourse to legal proceedings to settle disputes between policyholders and third parties and insurance companies. The Insurance and Social Welfare Supervisory Authority (ACAPS) and the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (FMSAR) have decided to strengthen the system in force by signing a new Mediation Charter in insurance with a view to improving the quality of services provided to policyholders.

This new system will thus reduce recourse to the courts and will therefore make it possible to avoid long and costly legal proceedings, rejoice the two parties. It should be noted that the Charter lists the principles and rules of management of the new system as well as the methods of intervention of the Mediator.


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