Influenza under surveillance in Guadeloupe and Martinique

The evolution of flu cases is closely monitored by health authorities, both in Martinique and Guadeloupe. In Guadeloupe precisely, the number of suggestive cases increased from 60 at the beginning of May to 340 in mid-May. The two departments have also been placed in the pre-epidemic phase.

In Guadeloupe, analysis of the epidemiological situation in the first half of May reveals that influenza activity experienced an upward phase during this reference period, observed by both city doctors and pediatric emergencies.
And it is the same upward trend in indicators that was observed in Martinique. During the two weeks considered, the positivity rate recorded at the hospital varied between 15 and 23%.

Three visits to the emergency room for influenza were recorded in Guadeloupe against eight in Martinique. However, none of the recorded cases required hospitalization.

The majority virus in circulation is of the AH1N type. Health authorities have placed Guadeloupe and Martinique in the pre-epidemic phase.

And as for Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin, the epidemiological situation of the flu remains calm.

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Pre-epidemic situation of influenza

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