Inflation: Finally a drop!

The data of Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States specify a drop in the rate of inflation: it fell from 8.5, in March, to 8.3%. For a year, no decrease of this magnitude was known.

Some downside indicators

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, declines were observed in April in:

– energy costs (one of the highest);

– car prices;

– price of second-hand clothes.

The energy index fell 2.7% in April after rising 11.0% in March. The gasoline index fell 6.1% in April after rising 18.3% the previous month. »

Inflation, 30% increase in one year

Over the past 12 months, the inflation rate has increased by 30%. Can we estimate that the upper range of gasoline prices has been reached?

Nevertheless, headline inflation only increased by 0.3% in April according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the United States. In March, this increase was estimated at 1.2%.

In short, this suggests that the rise in the inflation rate has come to an end. Now will come a series of declines in this rate. Provided that the FED takes this fact into account in its calculation before deciding on the continuation (or not) of its action. Knowing that it focuses on interest rates based on the results of the next two months.

Source: Trustnodes

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