Incredible ! Hackers can take control of Teslas remotely

A company specializing in cybersecurity has noticed that the Tesla keyless entry system could easily be hacked using Bluetooth.

They say cars have never been safer. It is true, while the technological systems have greatly improved safety over the years. But there is also a downside to these innovations, which make cars increasingly vulnerable to the risk of electronic bugs and hacks. How many times have we read articles about hackers having successfully started connected cars? If technologies evolve and become more and more reliable and secure, there are still many flaws, which manufacturers are trying to solve. While some are discovered by malicious hackers, others are discovered in the context of very serious studies. This is precisely the case of the one we are talking about today, which concerns the keyless opening system of Tesla vehicles.

A very simple method

This time, this flaw was not discovered randomly, but was actually the subject of a study, conducted by the company NCC-Group, specializing in cybersecurity. It was Sultan Qasin Khan, the company’s chief security consultant, who notably carried out this experiment, in which he therefore succeeded in unlocking the doors of a Tesla. For this, nothing could be simpler, since he simply redirected the communication between a telephone and the car, so that the latter thinks that the driver is really nearby. Thus, the doors can be opened using the keyless system.

Not just at Tesla

If it works with a Tesla, the expert clarifies that this also applies to all vehicles with a transmission protocol Bluetooth Low Energy (CORN). For the time being, no theft of the brand’s car has been stolen with this method, while the manufacturer has not yet reacted. This one is nevertheless known to take this kind of problem very seriously, and should not be long in working on the issue to make corrections.

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