In this Chinese village, all the inhabitants drive a Tesla!

The village of Panziga, China, is buzzing with its adoration for the Tesla brand. The proof ? Almost every inhabitant has one!

Here is a story for the less funny. Some regions of the world may have a true cult to a particular car brand. This is the case of the small Chinese village of Panziga. Being located in a mountainous region of the country, one of its inhabitants decided to leave to live in the city to earn a better living…

30 Tesla in a single village!

A few years later, the resident in question returned to Panziga driving his new car, a Tesla Model Y. It was upon his arrival that the mact » operated: the premises were blown away by the electric carto the point of triggering a real buying frenzy!

This is how today, in this small village in China, we find no less… 30 copies of the Tesla. The inhabitants do not only use it as means of transport but also for work and do business. The village has even earned a nickname: “ TeslaVillage ».

Elon Musk installs two superchargers there

This story has been talked about so much that it has reached the ears ofElon Musk in person. The boss of Tesla even decided to install two superchargers to Panziga to thank for the gesture. In the video belowthe original owner of the Tesla Model Y justified his choice of an electric car with the aim of Reduce the pollution, electricity in China being very often produced by coal-fired power plants.

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