In the Nièvre, the health insurance social service is working to prevent professional disintegration

If your doctor has prescribed a work stoppage for you and this extends to 60 days, you may receive a letter from the health insurance social service offering you a connection.

This service, made up in Nièvre of eight social workers and two advisers, depends on the Caisse d’Assurance Retraite et de la Santé au Travail. Among its missions are those of preventing professional withdrawal and removing obstacles to returning to work, whether financial, social or family.

Detect the vulnerable public

“It is important that the support is early,” says Marina Laperche, departmental head of the social service of Nièvre. “One in two insured persons who have been off work for more than six months risk being dismissed for incapacity. »

2,300 letters were therefore sent in 2021 to policyholders on sick leave for more than two months, inviting them to contact the service. The detection of the target public is also done in conjunction with the occupational health services and the attending physicians, as close as possible to the patient population. “The latter manage to identify the most autonomous people, who have more resilience and then those who are more vulnerable”, reports Murielle Esposito, project manager for the prevention of occupational disintegration at the regional level.

The department’s social workers then offer individual support, with an assessment of the situation and a recommendation of the steps to be taken. The exchanges take place in the ten points of permanence of the territory, at the home of people who have difficulty in moving or by telephone.

Specific systems can be mobilized, such as the supervised trial: fourteen days with the support of tutors (social worker, doctor) to test a resumption of the position in the company during the work stoppage, therefore by receiving its daily allowances. The insured may also be offered group follow-up, put on rest during the pandemic, which is gradually resuming. “It’s interesting, group dynamics are a strength. »

Securing and remobilizing

The support process makes it possible to secure the course of the person on sick leave, but also to remobilize them, to encourage them to look to the future. “It may be someone who has worked their whole life in the same field, wondering what they are going to do next. We make an inventory, a diagnosis, we consider the future: a reclassification, the enhancement of one’s skills in another way…” explains Marina Laperche.

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“The social worker becomes the common thread”, continues Murielle Esposito. “We create a relationship of trust. An interview can’t be done in five minutes, it’s intense. And support lasts an average of eight to nine months in the region. »

Last year, 3,294 people benefited from the advice of the social services of the Health Insurance in Nièvre.

Alice Forges

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