In The Insurance Newsletter of… May 23, 2022

On the front page of the Insurance Newsletter.

The Letter of Insurance is back with its issue dated May 23. This week, maneuver on provisions and discount for member of La Mutuelle Familiale. MNH has ideas and means but combines badly, Maif prepares its general assembly against a background of transition and ambitions! A short sentence from woman to man and an editorial that wonders why, to complete the whole.

On the cover of this number 1563 of The Letter of Insurance, dated Monday May 23, 2022, the Mutuelle Familiale presents a good result for the year 2021. However, the administrators had been warned of a less glorious situation at the end of the year. With a game of provision, the results are good and even allow the staging of a very political generosity.

On page 2, the very good figures of Diot-Siaci for a first year suffer from an addition effect. At MNH, we defend caregivers, we highlight Santexpo but we forget to influence.

On page 3, preparation for the general meeting at Maif, with a released president and a released strategy. A bit of pedagogy in front of the press before presenting to the delegates.

Finally, on page 4, an editorial that does not know why, and small sentences, one of which recalls a sad reality…

Quick, I need the Insurance Letter of the day!

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