In the event of a storm, the Teslas will better calculate their autonomy

For once, an update to the Tesla fleet of vehicles improves the customer experience. This time, it concerns the on-board navigation, and more particularly the estimated autonomy according to the climatic conditions.

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The trip planner built into Tesla vehicles makes it easy to plan a long trip. Charging sessions at the brand’s Superchargers are automatically added and an estimate of the remaining energy at each stage is displayed. But thanks to the 2022.16 update which is being rolled out, these estimates will become more precise.

Taking the weather into account to avoid running out of fuel

If the reference for planning long journeys by electric vehicle, A Better Routeplanner, has already taken weather conditions into account for a long time, this was not the case with the navigator integrated into the Tesla. Indeed, as we have shown on several occasions, the influence of the weather on the consumption of an electric vehicle can sometimes be very significant.

Between an absence of wind and a mild temperature, and a strong headwind associated with negative temperatures, a long motorway journey can sometimes show consumption up to 50% higher. If this is not correctly taken into account by the on-board computer, the occupants of the vehicle may have an unpleasant surprise: a battery discharged too quickly, potentially preventing them from reaching their destination without the help of a tow truck or without drastically reduce its speed to reduce instantaneous consumption.

But that’s changing at Tesla, according to the next release notes relayed by Electrek : “The fuel prediction for your trip has been improved by incorporating side wind, head wind, humidity and ambient temperature forecasts when using connected navigation.”

Tesla Model
Tesla // Source: Jeffrey Correa

As a reminder, the remaining energy forecasts on arrival were currently specific to each Tesla vehicle, but took into account changes in altitude and speed limits, as well as changes to running gear. For example, if you indicated that you had fitted smaller or larger rims than the original ones, the information was taken into account by the navigation. With the update, weather conditions will also be included in the forecastto make it as accurate as possible.

One Spotify account per driver

In addition to this announced change, another welcome addition is about to be deployed: the association of a different Spotify or Tidal account for each driver profile. Until then, it was only possible to add one account to the vehicle. Therefore, if you were more than one driver using a Tesla, only one profile could be used. It will now be possible

As soon as the 2022.16 update is deployed, each driver will be able to link their Spotify or Tidal profile, and make sure to keep their listening recommendations.

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