In homage to Pasolini, the covers of his books in NFT

The Italian book world is beginning to interact with the NFT sector. As often, it was the visionary Alessandro Baricco who opened the floodgates by transforming his work Novecento in NFT. Now, publishing houses are also interested in this technology.

Neri Pozza is among the first publishers to experiment with new covers in NFT, with the #NFPPP project, dedicated to the book with which Dacia Maraini, Italian writer and intellectual, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Italian poet, writer and director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Between literature, art and new technologies

Giuseppe Russo, editorial director of the publishing house, explains to the Giornale della Libreria the steps of the initiative, as well as the link that the house maintains with the visual arts: “ Since its foundation in 1946 by Neri Pozza, artist, but also publisher, our publishing house has tried to maintain the link between art and literature. Today, on the occasion of the publication of Caro Pier Paolo,the book in which Dacia Maraini retraces the years of his deep friendship with Pasolini, we asked Nicola Verlato, an artist who has dedicated an important cycle of works to the poet, to make three covers of the book in the form of NFT digital creations.»

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Managing Director Matteo Montan emphasizes the pioneering nature of this initiative: “With its entry into NFT, our publishing house is one of the first to explore a sector whose great potential we all measure, confirming its vocation for cultural innovation and giving substance to a tireless research activity on the borders between literature, art and new forms of expression.»

A unique collection on the cryptoart scene

Giuseppe Russo explains the objectives of this initiative: “The idea is to immediately reach, through the technology offered by the blockchain, the international artistic community to re-propose the figure and work of Pier Paolo Pasolini, who marked the history of the 20th century with his free creative testimony. , political and cultural. The result is a unique collection on the cryptoart scene, in which artistic and literary quality burst into the digital universe.»

Verlato’s three covers will be auctioned on the homepage created for the initiative,

The proceeds will be donated to the creation of a scholarship for young writers, dedicated to the memory of Nicoletta Bettucchi, editor and philologist of the publishing house, who died recently.

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