In autonomous mode, this Tesla almost ran over a bike

A video extolling the merits of the latest beta version of the FSD almost went wrong. The Tesla which was used to demonstrate it has indeed dark in the direction of a cyclist.

The new beta version of Tesla’s Full Self Driving still seems to be perfectible. The Autopilot has indeed ignored the presence of a cyclist in a video seeking to demonstrate its effectiveness.

It is the owner of the site Whole Mars Blog, which recently insulted a journalist ofAssociated presswho experienced this misadventure. He was precisely highlighting the security that this evolution of the Tesla Autopilot software is supposed to bring.

“Now, with the software update, we can actually enable thousands of people to drive more safely. Just with software update”he explains. And while his passenger splits from a ” Wow “his response is interrupted by a sudden movement of the car. She sees that the main track is shifting, since cars are parked a little further.

The Tesla then makes a fairly large sudden movement, which the driver must correct to avoid hitting a cyclist. The two occupants of the cabin start laughing and the person behind the wheel explains that this sequence will have to be “cut during editing” (which will ultimately be kept).

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