If you were planning on buying a Tesla Cybertruck, you’ll have to wait a bit

Stormed by customers and hit by the semiconductor crisis, Tesla had to halt orders for some models, including the Cybertruck. It can no longer be purchased in Europe.

We told you about it a few days ago, Tesla, like many other car manufacturers, is a victim of the shortage of semiconductors. A critical situation for the American firm, especially since orders are pouring in from all sides, especially since the launch of the Model Y, which has been a real success with customers.

Worried about not being able to honor all requests, and while delivery times are getting longer and sometimes exceed more than a year, Elon Musk then announced his desire to reduce the airfoil. If nothing had yet been confirmed, he pointed out that orders for certain models were going to be put on hold until the situation improved.

The Tesla Cybertruck is no longer available

This decision has therefore been implemented. If all the models were not stopped, a choice had to be made, undoubtedly among those which sold the least compared to the Model 3 and Model Y. The Tesla Cybertruck is therefore one of these .

Just go to the French site of the brand to notice it, while the electric pick-up has been removed from the configurator. Only customers residing in the United States, Mexico and Canada can still place an order. All other markets, excluding America, are affected by this measure, which should allow Tesla to find a more stable pace.

Launch next year

If the Tesla Cybertruck has been on the market for a short time, it has not yet arrived on the roads. Indeed, while Elon Musk had initially planned a launch at the end of 2021, this deadline was finally pushed back to 2022, before disappearing. According to the latest information, the electric pickup should land sometime next year.

As a reminder, it was officially unveiled in 2019, at the premises of SpaceX, another company of Elon Musk. Available in several versions, it has a maximum range of 800 kilometers and can achieve 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.9 seconds in its most efficient version.

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