If you use this wallet, your Bitcoins and cryptos may have been compromised

News JVTech If you use this wallet, your Bitcoins and cryptos may have been compromised

Bad news for the crypto sector at the start of 2023. A famous cryptocurrency storage wallet has been hacked, damaging the savings of Bitcoins and cryptos for several users of the application.

The Bitkeep crypto wallet was hit by a major hack

Bitkeep, a company that provides an online wallet service (hotwallet) to store its Cryptos, recently experienced an unusual hack that emptied the wallets of several users of the platform.

The attack took place on December 26 and was recently officially confirmed by BitKeep. In an FAQ on Twitter, the company’s teams returned to this unfortunate incident. Thus, today we know a little more about the theft, which allowed hackers to leave no less than 8.5 million euros in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

To do this, the hackers hijacked version 729 of the Android app package file (.APK) directly from the BitKeep website.

“What are the reasons for this hack? This incident is a planned and organized malicious attack by the hacker team. The CDN file downloaded via APK was hacked and replaced by the hacker, leading some users to version 729 to download the fake app .” Explains BITkeep on Twitter.

As such, versions downloaded via Google Play, the App Store, or the Google Web Store were not affected. But for anyone who downloaded the app from the website, the file was compromised and allowed hackers to steal users’ private keys.

Bitkeep has counted no less than five infected versions of the application that have also been distributed on phishing websites. As the media outlet Cointribune reports, the infected versions are:

  • com.bitkeep.app
  • com.bitkeep.w4
  • com.bitkeep.w5
  • com.bitkeep.wallet5
  • io.bitkeep.wallet.

In this story, 200 cryptocurrency addresses were identified as victims.

To do justice to the users of its platform, BitKeep called on cybersecurity experts. These have already succeeded in freezing certain funds belonging to the hacked crypto wallets.

Bitkeep also informed that a refund procedure will be launched soon to redistribute the funds to users whose wallets have been hacked. However, this could also allow attackers to repeat, as the team states:

“Additionally, there have recently been phishing links pretending to be official names on Telegram and Twitter, collecting user addresses and private information in the name of compensation.”

In addition, to protect against possible new risks, BitKeep has updated its application and strongly recommends users to upgrade to the latest available version (730). In addition, the company encourages you to transfer the funds to a new wallet.

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