HP Metal Jet technology at the service of jewelry

By partnering with HP, Legor wants to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing to develop new applications designed from metals in the jewelry industry. For those who do not know Legor Group, it is an Italian company specializing in the production of materials. The company notably offers powders, alloys and even precious metals. Together, the two companies aim to go beyond prototyping and small series production, and wish to democratize the large-scale production of 3D printed parts. And to do this, they intend to rely on HP’s Metal Jet system, capable of accelerating production speed.

Massimo Poliero, President and General Manager of Legor Group SPA, comments on this partnership: “ The production of metal powders and 3D metal objects is part of our DNA and we have always collaborated with customers in the world of jewelry and fashion accessories. HP Metal Jet’s digital capabilities provide an alternative method to traditional investment casting which requires burning waxes or resins and using gypsum (calcium sulfate) as the casting material, containing free respirable silica. It’s our way of promoting more robust and intentional sustainability in production processes. »

HP Metal Jet facilities. (Photo credits: HP)

A long-term partnership

To begin their partnership, HP and Legor will initially focus on the manufacture of stainless steel accessories for the fashion and luxury sector. But the two companies have other ideas in mind. They have already asked their R&D departments to develop materials and 3D solutions allowing the production of bronze, silver and gold parts. This research, which will take place in Legor’s 3DMetalHub in Italy, is intended to offer various advantages to the company’s customers. In particular, they should make it possible to manufacture parts in large series, at low cost and quickly.

This association is far from being the first initiative combining additive manufacturing and the jewelry industry. In recent years, technology has allowed many professionals in the sector to produce all types of applications, such as molds, prototypes but also final parts.

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Cover photo credits: Legor

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