How to trade bitcoin? –

Consisting of buying and selling bitcoin and using contracts to bet on whether an asset will fall or rise, bitcoin trading has grown enormously in popularity in recent years. Several people are already interested in the most suitable and easy methods to make a lot of money by this technique.

Creating an account on crypto platforms

To make your bitcoin transactions, the creation of an account is essential, as on Bitiq for example. To create your account, you must complete a registration form which contains information such as: your user name, your email account and a password. Also, it is possible to create your account using your Google or Facebook account.

In the process of creating your account, you must accept the terms of use of the platform and identify yourself. The creation of your account finalized, you must add funds to it to trade your bitcoins. To transfer funds, you can use payment methods such as PayPal and Skrill. You can also top up your balance via credit card or bank transfer.

bitcoin trading strategies

When you have your funds on your balance, you can invest them by opting for trading strategies like the hedging. This technique consists of opening a position in the opposite direction to the position already opened. This essentially helps to mitigate your risk exposure if you are worried that the market is moving against you.

You can also use the strategy of day trading on your bitcoin. To achieve this, you must open and close a position in the same day with your bitcoin. This therefore assumes that you will have no exposure to the bitcoin market overnight. This method allows you to avoid overnight financing charges on your position and is also very effective for seeking and profiting from short-term market movements.

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