How to get insurance for urban mobility?

Civil liability, body protection, reimbursement of the helmet…

La Mutuelle des Motards is launching two formulas for cyclists and EDPM users

For several years now, the appearance of new mobility devices has changed the habits of urban users by offering them new travel possibilities. Scooters, electric scooters, hoverboards, monowheels… in addition to the rise of motorized personal transport vehicles (EDPM), the bicycle has also experienced a marked resurgence of interest, in particular thanks to electrically assisted models (VAE).

And between the traffic restrictions put in place in the big cities and then the health crisis, the trend has accelerated and the number of regular users of these new forms of mobility has jumped. But if all these machines are on sale, often at very affordable prices and requiring no particular training, a certain number of rules have been established to regulate the practice, in particular in terms of compulsory insurance.

All motorized EDPs must in fact be insured for civil liability in order to cover the damage that the user could cause in the event of an accident at fault.

Whether pedal-assisted or not, bicycles are not affected by this obligation. On the other hand, the increase in the number of cyclist accidents should encourage more users to equip themselves properly and to be covered by specific insurance, because as on a motorcycle, you are directly exposed in the event of a collision.

Already aware of the question of the protection of vulnerable users, the Mutuelle des Motards provides an answer to these problems by setting up insurance formulas for these followers of new mobility.

Two types of contracts are now offered by the motorcycle insurer: “On Cycle” specifically designed for cyclists and “On Street” for EDPM users.

“On Cycle” thus includes a bodily guarantee of up to 80,000 euros, a helmet reimbursement guarantee of up to 50 euros in the event of an accident and legal assistance. Protection against theft, against breakage and civil liability are also available as options.

“On Street” uses the same guarantee basis, including for the reimbursement of the helmet, by adding compulsory civil liability.

In both cases, the contracts also allow you to lend your bike or scooter to a loved one who will be insured, as well as an initiation or awareness course on sharing the road.

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