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The possibilities on ChatGPT are endless. Did you know that you can add the extension to web browsers?

How far will the ChatGPT model go? For weeks, geeks have been swearing by this interface, which allows millions of users perform daily tasks in an automated manner.

ChatGPT in the eyes of the authorities

Who hasn’t heard of ChatGPT? For several weeks, this word has become trendy. The latter was designed to generate human-like text in response to a series of questions.

This chatbot was launched at the end of November ChatGPT can therefore formulate detailed answers to questions on a wide range of topics, and the possibilities of this tool, developed in California, are endless.

In fact, the company has created a robot that is trained to answer very specific questions in record time. If you have a problem with your philosophy essay or a math problem complex, ChatGPT will become your best friend.

Thanks to its ultra-efficient brain, this robot has the answer to everything, all the time. That’s why many people care about it.

A few days ago was Time shared an article in which he reveals that Open AI has approached Sama, a company that employs in unsanitary conditions, underpaid workers.

According to them, the listed company Open AI was inspired by Facebook’s methods and would have signed three contracts with a partner in the social network: the company Sama. This company employs workers in Kenya and boasts of having lifted 50,000 people out of poverty worldwide.

For only $200,000, Sama had to sort the graded content “shocking ranging from texts about sexual abuse to hate speech”precise Release.

According to several sources, employees would only receive $1.32 an hour against the $12.50 promised upon employment. A controversy that is likely to make a lot of noise while ChatGPT is on the rise.

How do you add the extension to your browser?

As you know, the possibilities with ChatGPT are more. You have the option of adding an extension called ChatGPT for Google to improve search engines. Oh yes! We will explain everything to you.

To do this, you must first, to create an account on ChatGPT. Once your account is created, go to to sign up for a free account.

So you then need to connect to OpenAI. Once connected, simply go to your favorite browser.

Firefox, Google Chrome or a Chromium-based browser will do. Note that this ChatGPT for Google extension therefore works on Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Yahoo or even Naver!

Fourth step: Click the button “Add to Chrome” or on the button “Add to Firefox”. Once added, go to Google Search to enter a query.

The answers come directly from ChatGPT. They will therefore be displayed on the right side of the screen for each query on the search results page. However, you may encounter some problems during your first use.

If after installing the extension, the message “Please log in and pass Cloudflare check at OpenAI requires you to pass a security check once in a while” appears, don’t panic.

You will simply need to connect to or reconnect to OpenAI to prove that you are not a robot. After checking the right box, the extension will appear in your browser!

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