How to choose insurance for your second home?

Even if this sometimes represents a significant cost, many French people fall for second homes and take the leap every year. The enthusiasm is such that some municipalities now want to limit the number of second homes on their territory, in particular by significantly increasing the amount of the residence tax of these properties. First of all, you should know that, unlike main accommodation, taking out insurance for a second home is not compulsory. A fact that should nevertheless be qualified for condominiums where a civil liability guarantee is at least required. For the rest, everything depends on the choice of the owner, but taking out an insurance contract is more than recommended. A dwelling, whether it is an apartment or a house, can be the victim of many forms of damage, which can represent a very significant cost. In addition, you should know that second homes are particularly targeted by burglars. A study by Interstats Analysis (Burglaries and attempted burglaries of main residences) has thus shown that 47,000 burglaries or attempted burglaries took place in 2017 in secondary residences, the thugs targeting these often unoccupied dwellings.

Second home insurance, two possible solutions

Choosing to insure your second home means choosing security. In this context, two options can be considered. First, extend the insurance contract for his main home to include the secondary residence. An amendment to the existing contract will make it possible to extend the existing guarantees. If your second home has, for example, a swimming pool or specific equipment, it is important to add specific guarantees to this contract. Sure, that’s an extra cost, but it also brings some peace of mind. The other solution is to take out secondary residence insurance in addition to that taken out for your main residence. This is therefore an independent contract that can be interesting, because it allows you to better target the insurance needs related to a second home.

Which insurance guarantees should be favored for a second home?

When choosing home insurance, the first question to ask is: which guarantees to choose? This observation also applies to secondary residences. As mentioned above, second homes are particularly targeted by burglars, hence the need to take out a theft guarantee and to favor protection systems such as gates, an alarm, reinforced locks… In addition to theft, the guarantee of protection must also include possible acts of vandalism. He also makes sure to have serious guarantees concerning the risk of disaster. By definition, a secondary residence is often unoccupied. A fire or water damage can thus take on greater proportions than in a better supervised main residence. The civil liability guarantee must obviously be taken out and the location must also be taken into account, since some second homes may be located in a flood zone or in regions where the risk of fire is significant. So many factors to take into account when negotiating a contract with an insurer.

(By the editorial staff of the hREF agency)

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