How to activate the display of remote dashcam cameras on Tesla?

It is done ! Tesla finally offers the possibility of remotely viewing the video streams from the dashcams on board its cars. We explain how to activate it.

After installing Tesla’s big year-end update, software version 2021.44.25, we were pleasantly surprised to notice that a new feature was available. The latter makes it possible to view the cameras remotely, when the sentry mode is activated.

How to activate this function?

The first thing is to update your Tesla. As a reminder, this function is available on most models, including the Model 3 and Model Y. The update is done via Wi-Fi, either by sharing the connection of your smartphone, or by connecting to a Wi-Fi. Private or public Fi.

Once the update has been completed, go to the settings, then to Security > Dashcam, and activate the option View live camera on mobile app.

How to activate the display of remote dashcam cameras on Tesla?

Then go to the Tesla app, in Security. To access the function, remember to activate the mode Sentinel. Just click on View video streamyou will then have access to all four live video streams. The definition is low, and you have the possibility of activating the horn or the indicators remotely.

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