how technology is at the service of beauty

New technology is at the service of cosmetics. This is called “Beautytech”. There are now connected lipsticks, created for fashionistas. They will compose an exact color as the user wishes, and at any time.

Innovation is turning the world of cosmetics upside down. This is called “beauty tech”, that is to say the use of science and technology in the service of our beauty and especially beauty products.

This is a huge challenge for all the giants of cosmetics and luxury. For example, a connected lipstick, the color of which adapts to my outfit of the day. Or more precisely, a machine that allows you to make a custom-made lipstick, infinitely customizable, depending on what you’re wearing. It is a small device, which looks like a Nespresso coffee maker, connected to a mobile application. You start by choosing the shade of red you like, from a photo of your outfit for example. The application will determine which precise shade it is.

Then, inside this machine are three tubes and from that, it will make mixtures that will give you almost all possible and imaginable nuances. So, no more need to buy 25 different tubes.

Another option is an application called “LipScanner”, a kind of color Shazam. You can scan a photo, an item of clothing, an object and determine exactly what shade it is in terms of lipstick. A tint that you can buy online immediately, of course.

Smart mirrors to know how to put on makeup

For perfume, L’Oréal has teamed up with the start-up Emotiv. It’s a technology called “Scent-Station”, which will be installed in perfumeries. They put an encephalogram helmet on your head and make you smell perfumes. Depending on the reaction of your brain to different fragrances, we will determine an olfactory profile. Certain scents can relax you, stress you out, stimulate you. Depending on that, we will offer you the perfume.

And then applications too, to tell us how good we look. A tool called “Skin Genius”, a free application developed by a major cosmetics group, makes it possible, from a simple selfie, to have a complete diagnosis of the condition of your skin and to give advice on beauty. Just take a picture and give your age.

The algorithm will establish a fairly thorough analysis: appearance of pores, firmness of the skin, radiance, evenness of the complexion, wrinkles… Everything goes. And of course, we will give you advice on the right products to use to optimize all this. You can also compare your skin to other people of the same age. With augmented reality, we will see intelligent mirrors appear, which will show me in digital overlay, what my face would look like with such a foundation or such a mascara. A virtual simulation that avoids industrial catastrophe.

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