Home insurance: can a real estate agency impose one on me? The 8 p.m. answers you

The TF1 newscast sifts through the questions of viewers every evening in its section “Le 20H responds to you”.

In the video at the top of this article, Garance Pardigon answers their questions, related to the rights of tenants, on the set of Gilles Bouleau.

I rent an apartment through a real estate agency. Can the latter oblige me to take out special home insurance, which she would have negotiated with a company?

Absolutely not, you are free to choose the company and the contract that suits you. Your only obligation as a tenant is to take out home insurance and send proof of it to your landlord, as the public service site reminds us.

“Otherwise, your landlord can actually choose for you… And send you the note each month”, we decipher at the National Agency for Information on Housing. Worse still, he may terminate your lease agreement. It is therefore advisable to take out home insurance as soon as you move in.


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