Holoportation: a technology tested by NASA to provide astronauts with medical care

Holoportation is a technology developed by the NASA which was tested last October. The space agency has managed to virtually “teleport” doctors around the international space station.

Concretely, Dr. Josef Schmid and his team were able, without leaving Earth, to intervene on board the ISS.

To achieve this technical feat, NASA used the technology of holograms with Microsoft’s Hololens camera. The tool made it possible to send virtual representations doctors in 3D to the space station. This method has been tested in order to provide astronauts with the medical care they may need during their stay in space.

For the moment, this new mode of communication is not yet perfect and still requires lots of ways but in the future, NASA wants to push the immersive experience further.

The goal is to combine holoportation with the capabilities of virtual reality and haptic devices (the perception and manipulation of real objects) to create a “telementorate”.

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