His scalp is completely torn off in an accident, the doctors perform miracles by sewing it back on him

While working on a tractor, a woman’s hair got caught in a gear and tore her entire scalp. Fortunately, the doctors managed to sew him up in an extraordinary surgical procedure. Please note that some images in this article may be offensive.

A 60-year-old woman experienced a nightmare that could happen to people who work in contact with powerful machinery: getting her hair (or a limb) caught in a gear. This Danish girl saw her entire scalp, eyebroweyebrow on the back of the skull and was pulled out when the hair got caught in a drill while she was fixing her tractor. The tension is so intense that half of his left ear has also been blown off. Despite the violence ofaccidentaccident, when the victim to call for an ambulance. She is then taken care of by the medical team at Odense University Hospital, who will perform miracles.

A complete tearing of the scalp

In the ambulance, the victim is calm and his vitals are stable despite his bare and bloody skull. The emergency doctors relieve her painpain with two injections of fentanyl. They also collect his scalp and store it in a pocket plasticplastic surrounded by ice cubes to extend his durationduration of life. ” I believe the magnitude of the trauma combined with the fact that I only felt a minimal amount of pain is surreal to me. ” says the patient several months after her accident.

Arriving at the hospital, the doctors make him pass a series of tests to make sure that the violence of the trauma did not cause damage inside the skull box. Fortunately, no fracture or bleeding is detected. She is then entrusted to plastic surgeons who will attach her scalp to her skull during a microsurgical operation lasting 6 hours.

A successful operation

Her scalp is cleaned and prepared for implantation; the hair is cut short to facilitate the doctors’ work. The first challenge is to reconnect the main blood vessels from the skull to the scalp. The left and then the right temporal veins are closed with sutures of just over a millimeter and after an adjustment on the left side, the blood circulation between the two is restored. Doctors must now sew the entire scalp back in place, from the eyebrows over the torn ear to the back of the skull with surgical clips and stitches. After six hours of meticulous work, the patient leaves the operating room, and five days later she is already back home!

Five months later, almost no brand can bear witness to the trauma that the Dane has suffered. She manages to move her eyebrows and her hair grows normally. Alopecia is a frequent and feared consequence of the victims of scalp tearing, a rare phenomenon, but which affects a great many women, who generally have longer hair than men. The Danish doctors assume that their patient experienced one of the most severe scalp lacerations reported in the medical literature. Five months after surgery, her hair grows back normally, and after six months she begins to regain sensation in her scalp, as the neurological connections take longer to recover.

My hair is growing back slowly which is helping me get back to how I looked before my accident. My hair completely covers my damaged left ear. I’m also starting to regain sensation in my scalp. It gets better week by week. This progress gives me a lot of hope for the future. concludes the patient.


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