his Model 3 stops alone on the highway, he dies

In the United States, a Tesla Model 3 came to a sudden stop on the highway. Two vehicles then hit it, causing the death of the driver. An investigation has been opened to determine the cause of this unexpected stoppage.

A Model 3 – Credit: Tesla

Accidents involving Tesla vehicles are closely scrutinized by authorities, especially when Autopilot was activated at the time. The investigation will determine whether autonomous driving was indeed involved in this new fatal accident in Missouri. As he was driving his Model 3 down the highway, it suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. Completely immobilized, she was then hit by two vehicles which failed to avoid her.

74-year-old driver Terry L. Siegal did not survive the crash, reports Independence City Police. The passenger was taken to hospital for treatment. The occupants of the other two vehicles were not injured. Everyone involved in the accident was visibly wearing seat belts. In their initial statement, authorities pointed out that a mechanical problem had caused the Model 3 to suddenly stop.

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Tesla: an “unusual and unique” accident

Police spokesman Jack Taylor finally told Business Insider that the cause of this sudden stop was still unknown. And to clarify that the investigators planned to collect data from Tesla computers in order to reconstruct the facts. Tasked with investigating the crashes, the National Transportation Safety Board contacted Independence Police for more information on the facts. But she did not open an investigation. Quoted by Fox4, however, she felt that the accident was “unusual and unique”.

Note that the federal agency last month launched a preliminary investigation into “phantom braking” reported by Tesla users. According to owner reports, Tesla’s automatic emergency braking system may be the culprit, as it incorrectly believes that oncoming vehicles or shadows are dangerous obstacles to avoid.

Also in the United States, a fatal accident also involving a Tesla Model 3 occurred last September. The vehicle was traveling at three times the speed limit.

Source: Business Insider

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