his battery flat, he explodes his Model S with dynamite

Disproportionate repair costs? A Finn offers a solution of his own. Turn the Tesla into fireworks.

This Finn, Thomas Katainen, had received his Model S only a month and a half ago when it broke down. The car battery needed to be replaced. He then had to face a huge repair bill of 20,000 euros. And even by better checking his used Tesla, nothing says that he could have detected this future failure.

The Model S one second before the explosion (Screenshot} – Credits: Youtube/Pommijätkät

And the problem is that his used 2012 Tesla Model S is worth just over 30,000 euros. So rather than selling the spare parts for scrap, he contacted the local Youtubers Pommejätkät (the bomber guys). With their help, he stuffed his Tesla with explosives and blew it to pieces with 30 kilos of dynamite.

It all started well though

When I bought this Tesla, the first 1,500 km were pleasant, it was a great car […] (then) the error code showed up […]the car spent about a month in the workshop of a Tesla dealership and i finally got a call that they couldn’t do anything for my car, the only option was to change the whole battery cell.[…] The cost would be at least €20,000 and authorization for the transaction must be sought from Tesla. So I told them I was going to blow up the whole car because apparently there was no guarantee. »

Blowing up this vehicle is not such a simple task. Numerous sticks of dynamite were mounted on one side of the car to direct the explosion in a single direction. This allowed the fragments to hit a rock wall just behind the car. For the execution to be perfect, a circuit of fuses has also been made. And for the symbol, the Youtubers have put a mannequin with the face of Tesla co-founder billionaire Musk inside the vehicle before leaving in small pieces.

Mission successful, only a few parts remain of the car. At least the owner seems to be satisfied with the result. He notes, not without a hint of pride, that he was probably the first to blow up a Tesla. Definitely, Tesla is shown to us in all its states. Recently we even saw a Tesla Model 3 making circles under water.

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Source: Electrek

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