Here is an incredibly well-maintained charging station

As often, it was on Twitter that we got wind of a rather impressive charging station. Indeed, it is of course dedicated to EVs and everything is square! The vehicles each have their own charging point, don’t have to beat or overlap in order to recharge. In some stations, we know that it can be anarchy…

Here, everyone has their place and it’s more than pleasant to observe these EVs lined up very wisely. Moreover, it shows the significant increase in electric vehicles in the vehicle fleet of all developed countries combined.

Do you also hope to find your nugget? To do this, you must not only rely on what you can read on specialized sites such as Tesla Magazine or forums. But also to your own experience! It is by testing the different charging stations that you will be able to identify the best ones, and make them known.

So that you can easily locate charging stations or prepare for a long journey in an electric vehicle, several tools exist to locate them.

Mobile apps

You can download a free programmed mobile application to find charging stations for electric cars across Europe and around the world. We can hold Loadmap, an intuitive and free application that evolves thanks to the contribution of its users. The charging points near your location will be displayed to you and classified using a color code according to the charging speed. There is also PlugShare which shows you nearby charging stations and gives you details on available charging sockets, access times and how to get there.

In France, some regions collaborate with professionals to help electric vehicle owners locate charging stations in their networks. This is the case for the application of the Révéo network in Occitanie, that of MobiVE in New Aquitaine or even that of the Eborn network in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regions.

The websites

In addition to the Chargemap website, you can also access other sites such as the government site: for a map of charging stations. In addition, the Renault group offers its customers the possibility of recharging their cars at its dealerships. More than 400 French sites are equipped with charging stations for electric cars.

Local authorities also have websites for locate the terminals they have set up. Thus, the SyDEV site lists all the information essential to electric mobility in the Vendée. The same applies to the EcoCharge 77 site developed by the Syndicat Départemental des Énergies de Seine-et-Marne.

And then some car sharing services provide terminals to charge their own electric vehicles. Thus, customers will be able to locate them thanks to the maps presented on sites such as:

  • Bluely in Lyon;
  • Bluecub in Bordeaux;
  • Clem’ present in 200 towns in France.

The integrated GPS of the electric vehicle

Car manufacturers are integrating into some of their electric vehicles on-board systems for locating charging stations. They are often accompanied by applications. This is the case with Nissan’s “My day in Nissan LEAF” application or Renault’s ZE Trip application.

You now know how to locate the charging stations, but be careful, not all of these charging points have the same characteristics.

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