heat pump breakdowns observed in very cold weather

Recently introduced on the Tesla Model 3, the heat pump seems to have problems operating in very cold weather.

In North America, Tesla customers have experienced heating issues in very low temperatures. It would seem that it takes temperatures below -15 degrees to see the failure appear. It is in Canada that people have noted breakdowns having occurred at -40 degrees, leaving no heating in the passenger compartment. These occupants thus had to make do with heated seats and complained “of having risked dying” in their car.

An owner explained that he brought his Tesla to the workshop for a change of sensors, without success. This user states that “engineers need to understand our climate” and recommends adapting the heat pump for the coldest areas of the globe.

According to Tesla, the problem comes from a software update. The manufacturer reveals to be already working on a fix, in the form of an upcoming system update.

In the meantime, people experiencing this problem can limit the damage. The Drive Tesla Canada site advises preconditioning the car 30 to 60 minutes before starting it. In addition, the site recommends using air recycling and putting the ventilation in automatic mode. Finally, he advises, if the problem occurs, to find a sheltered place to park the car for a few minutes, to warm it up.

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