Health insurance: the Vitale card renewal scam is wreaking havoc

This is a classic phishing technique (or “phishing”, namely the theft of personal data), like the hundreds that constantly nestle in our mailboxes or our smartphones. But the scale of this Vitale card fraud is anything but ordinary. “She has been in the top 3 for phishing since December 2021. She has not dethroned the fraudulent email on child pornography, but she is not far behind. The numerous testimonies listed by the services of the UFC-Que Choisir or its local associations also attest to a prolific phenomenon.

How it works

How does this umpteenth trap aiming to extract not only personal information but also money from you work? You receive a message on your smartphone indicating that your new Vitale card is available. Supposedly in order to retrieve it, a link takes you to a first page, then a second, a third… in which you are invited to enter your data (name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, etc.) . These pages usurp the visual identity of health insurance, and have URLs more or less similar to the original (,, etc.). After this step, the scenarios differ.

First possibility : the Internet journey stops there, you are the victim of a theft of personal information, intended to be resold.

Second Subterfuge : a pseudo-bank adviser, after collecting this first loot, calls you when your branch is closed, to tell you that your bank card has been hacked and that you must send the codes you receive by SMS to block payments in progress. Communicating the codes causes the opposite, namely the validation of fraudulent online purchases that the scammer is making.

Third attack : you land on a final payment request page, for the delivery costs of the Vitale card. After entering your bank details, you enter a code sent by SMS by your bank… and realize too late that you have just been robbed of a large sum, on behalf of a known brand (Boulanger, Darty, Leroy Merlin…) . This stratagem operates thanks to the real-time looting of data entered online.

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