Health insurance: the target premium for liberal doctors stable after the Covid – 26/04/2022 at 18:14

Health Insurance will pay around 277 million euros to some 72,000 liberal doctors under their public health objectives for 2021, figures generally stable after a “very atypical” previous exercise whose poor results had been neutralized.

It was difficult to do worse than in 2020, with two confinements which had emptied the medical offices. In fact, the past year “has seen a large majority of indicators moving upwards”, indicates the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam) in a press release.

Among the main objectives set, the Liberals have thus made up for some of the lost ground in terms of cancer screening (breast, cervix and especially colon) and monitoring of diabetic patients, while further reducing their prescription of antibiotics. .

However, the balance sheet deteriorated for anxiolytics and sleeping pills – the consumption of which was boosted by the health crisis – and for influenza vaccination – which had jumped after the first waves of Covid.

Overall, the premium paid “remains stable” for the 64,800 “adult doctors”, who will receive 263.9 million euros, or 4,891 euros each on average (compared to 4,909 euros in 2020).

In addition, an additional 12.8 million euros will be distributed to 7,200 cardiologists, gastroenterologists and endocrinologists.

Despite recurring criticism from certain medical unions, this performance-based payment model introduced in 2012 remains a benchmark for public authorities.

During a campaign trip to Mulhouse two weeks ago, Emmanuel Macron thus deemed it “much smarter than only fee-for-service” because the current system “does not remunerate prevention at all” according to remarks reported by Le Quotidien du M├ędecin.


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