Health insurance raises awareness among young people thanks to an escape game in Guyancourt

Students solved puzzles during the escape game. (©Manon Varaldo)

“Get Amélie out of there! This is the mission of the students who came to test the escape game for free on Friday April 1, led by the CPAM of Yvelines (Primary health insurance fund). For this first in the Yvelines, around thirty young people were registered via their university. Other open-access slots were available.

At the Student House in Guyancourt, several puzzles had to be solved in two distinct and complementary spaces with an imposed time: less than 30 minutes.

In the first area, four puzzles. Among them, questions about the account or even putting the Social Security numbers in order, and learning what these numbers correspond to. For example, the first determines the sex: 1 for a man and 2 for a woman.

Among the challenges, putting the Social Security numbers in order, and learning what those numbers correspond to.
Among the challenges, to put in order the Social Security numbers appearing on the vital card, and to learn what these numbers correspond to. (©Manon Varaldo)

16-25 year olds, a difficult target

Further on, a group of six friends are stuck on a question. “During a consultation without exceeding the doctor’s fee at €25, what percentage is covered by the mutual insurance company, and that covered by health insurance? “Ask these students from the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ), before finding the right answer: 70% are covered by health insurance, and 30% by mutual insurance. .

The second space addressed various health prevention issues. Contraception, the composition of a cigarette, mental well-being, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or the effects of drugs were discussed.

“16-25 year olds are a difficult target for us. These are topics sometimes discussed with their parents, when they are at an age where they want to test everything. Yet they become young adults. We raise awareness through play. There are many more questions at the end of this escape game. Our goal is to set up this escape game on other campuses and universities,” says Elodie Perraut, prevention project manager at CPAM des Yvelines.


At the end of this escape game, young people were invited to wander around the health village with free access. Among the structures, the CeGIDD offered free HIV testing all day long. IPC – health examination center, HF prevention 78 with Sacha, the first conversational artificial intelligence in sexual health, or even the ANPAA (National Association for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Addictology) and Delta France, an association to prevent risks related to taking laughing gas, were present. A health insurance stand was also there.

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“It’s fun to do it as a team. If we have any questions following this escape game, we can directly contact professionals at the exit”, testifies Charline, student in 1st year in Spanish. “At school, in high school in particular, we had prevention days but there, it reminds us of things in a more playful way because we participate. I learned things like what the numbers we have on our vital card correspond to,” concludes his friend Elio-Louis.

The students all left with a bag equipped with various preventions for their life as young adults.

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