Health. bioMérieux invests 2 million in the Lyon-based start-up Weezion

The Weezion company, created in 2020 to promote research work between the Lyon teams of the Institute of Infectious Agents at the Croix Rousse Hospital, the International Center for Research in Infectiology and the Institute of Analytical Sciences, received the support of bioMérieux laboratory, which brought more than 2 million euros to the capital of the start-up, or 4.26% of the capital.

Quickly identify the microorganisms present in the blood, and their sensitivity

Weezion is working on a rapid and cost-effective in vitro diagnostic solution for bacterial blood infections, based on patented targeted mass spectrometry technology. In other words, the technology developed by the start-up could make it possible to quickly identify microorganisms in the blood, their sensitivity and their resistance to antibiotics.

In the case of a serious infection or sepsis, this tool is immediately useful since “every hour saved on the implementation of this treatment improves the survival rate of patients”, explains François Vandenesch, head of the bacteriology department at the Institute of Infectious Agents of the Croix Rousse Hospital and Deputy Director of the International Center for Research in Infectiology.

Fight against antibiotic resistance

Moreover, due to its rapidity and the precision of its diagnosis, this tool will make it possible to fight against antibiotic resistance. Indeed, since the bacteria will be quickly identified, like the antibiotics to be used, the Weezion solution makes it possible to avoid the use of multiple antibiotics, and therefore, to build the resistance of a good part of the bacteria. One of the fundamental reasons for bioMérieux’s investment.

“For decades, the fight against antibiotic resistance has been a priority for bioMérieux. Nearly 80% of the company’s Research & Development budget is devoted to the fight against this silent pandemic. The investment alongside Weezion illustrates bioMérieux’s commitment to innovation in the fight against antibiotic resistance. »

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