He was driving without a license or insurance, under the influence of narcotics and had fled

A young man of 25 years was the subject this Wednesday of an immediate appearance before the court of Avignon (Vaucluse). He had to answer for facts dating back to the night of Monday to Tuesday. He was accused of having fled a traffic control and of having driven under the influence of narcotics, without a license or insurance. He was sentenced to one year in prison, without a warrant.

Injured in the arrest

Cocaine and cannabis were found in the vehicle, reports The Liberated Dauphine. The motorist had been chased in Avignon by the police and arrested after a twenty-minute chase. The driver and his female passenger respectively received eight days of ITT and had a tooth knocked out following the arrest.

“A procedure has been entrusted to the public prosecutor for these facts”, indicated the president of the court. The deputy prosecutor explained that the anti-crime brigade (BAC) was that evening looking for a kidnapping suspect traveling in the same type of car as the respondent.

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