He recharges his Tesla and receives a bill of €557,800!

It’s still a bit expensive for a quick 20-minute recharge.

The price of Tesla Superchargers keeps rising. In France, for example, you now have to count on prices of just under €10 for 100 kilometers of charge on devices installed on the country’s highways (and again, those who do not own a Tesla will have to pay more). .

But for now, it is impossible to end up with a bill of several hundred thousand euros. This is, however, what happened to a Chinese owner, who plugged into a Supercharger of the brand for about twenty minutes in a station on the highway. Amount of the invoice received after use? $608,700, or just over €557,000. This corresponded to a restitution of 1,923 kWh. That’s a lot, knowing that the capacity of a Tesla does not exceed a hundred or so kWh…

A mistake, of course

It was obviously a bug, which fortunately was quickly resolved by the brand’s after-sales service. So things are back to normal for the Tesla owner.

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