he blows up his Tesla with dynamite rather than replacing the battery

It could have been an ordinary winter in what seems to be Jyväskylä, an outlying town 270 kilometers north of Helsinki, Finland. A snowy forest, wooden houses, but also… a Tesla, Model S moreover. This unusual story stars Tuomas Katainen, the owner of this vehicle dating from 2013. After having traveled just over 1,500 kilometers without incident, according to him, the purchaser of this Tesla saw an error code appear on his car, meaning the battery was faulty.

This problem would not have been one for many owners of Model S or even X, whose warranty is provided for eight years. But, with its nine years in service, Katainen’s Model S was no longer covered, which would have resulted in potential costs valued at over US$22,000, for a car valued at US$35,000, all with the potential repair approval from Tesla. Thus, rather than having it repaired, the latter’s anger turned into explosive will.

Associated with the local group Pommijätkät, renowned for its videos of vehicle explosions in slow motion, Tuomas Katainen thus decided to reduce his Tesla to crumbs using a total of 30 kg of sticks of dynamite. However, not everything was sacrificed in this carnage, since the most expensive elements of the vehicle, such as the defective battery pack and the motor, had previously been removed.

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