Hacking and stealing a Tesla, too easy?

Like all objects connected by bluetooth, the Tesla would be susceptible to a new type of hacking which would allow them to be stolen in record time. Should we be worried about it?

The video below is a little scary. It shows a researcher from the NCC Group company who claims to be able to hack the Tesla Model Y parked next to him without any problem. He manages to open it in seconds using a laptop, then start the car and drive off with his unlock key (built into his personal smartphone) far away from him.

How is it ? It would in fact use a flaw in the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology fitted to the Tesla, which normally makes it possible to secure access to the vehicle. The NCC specialist explains that this technology (found on a large number of devices including connected locks in one’s own home) is easily corruptible. The problem would therefore not be specific to Tesla.

No worries ?

Contacted about this problem, Tesla declined to respond to Reuters. The only way to circumvent this flaw would be to completely replace the locking technology of its cars with a system other than BLE. Remember, however, that car theft via electronic tools concerns vehicles of all brands, even without BLE technology.

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