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To meet the challenges of quality of life in Strasbourg, the city set up in the 1980s a proactive policy in terms of soft and sustainable mobility. Today, it is entering a new stage in this desire to support innovative mobility: providing the city and the 33 municipalities of the Eurometropolis with charging stations for electric vehicles on public roads.

Goal : deploy 90 road terminals, i.e. 180 additional charging points, by 2022.

With the installation of a hundred new electric charging stations in the 33 municipalities, the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg promotes innovative and less polluting mobility solutions and fully plays its role in the perspective of the implementation of the Low Emission Zone (ZFE).”, Pia Imbs, President of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis

Terminals managed by a private operator, Freshmile

The call for private initiatives (API) initiated by the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg was won by the company Freshmile, a French player in electric vehicle charginga start-up whose head office is located in Entzheim, a few kilometers south of Strasbourg.

Strasbourg residents will thus be able to take advantage of high power terminals (from 22 to 150 kW) for fast charging near their home, workplace or activities. Engie Solutions is committed to supplying all of the electrical energy to supply users in the territory.

Already 70 existing terminals in the City

These new charging stations come complete the offer already existing on the territory and composed of 70 electric charging points installed on car parks, on roads and on private plots thanks to the initiatives of municipalities, car dealers, large commercial areas, etc.

Charging: a simplified operation with a pass and an application

The pass and the Freshmile app allow electric vehicle drivers to easily locate all charging stationscheck their availability in real time to connect and recharge their vehicle.

The rates apply to the amount of energy consumed and the time the vehicle is connected. A very attractive NIGHT rate is also available on the 22 kW terminals by paying only for the energy consumed and not for the parking time, which is active from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fares are shown directly on the Freshmile app or on the map available on the site.

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