Growth, delisting of Wish, insurance of real estate loans … Bruno Le Maire’s “8h30 franceinfo”

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, was the guest of “8:30 a.m. franceinfo”, Wednesday November 24, 2021. Fifth wave of Covid-19, purchasing power, video of Jean Castex without a mask , takeover of the Sam car foundry, delisting of Wish, borrower insurance, departure of Renaud Muselier from the Republicans… There are many hot topics for Bruno Le Maire. He answers questions from Marc Fauvelle and Salhia Brakhlia.

5th wave of Covid-19: no “particular concern for French growth”

The fifth wave of Covid-19 “does not threaten the recovery” of French growth, says Bruno Le Maire. “I have no particular concern for French growth”he continues. “She is there, she is solid and we have learned from wave to wave to better manage health constraints”adds the Minister of the Economy.

Purchasing power: the limit of the gift voucher raised to 250 euros

“The gift certificate is 171 euros normally, we are going to raise its ceiling to 250 euros”announces Bruno Le Maire. “This concerns between 7.5 and 8 million employees”he says. “It is a measure for the purchasing power of the French”declares the Minister adding that it is a boost “exceptional” so that the French can spend the end of year celebrations “a little better”.

Castex without a mask: “We are all fallible”

“We are all fallible”declares Bruno Le Maire, questioned on a video of Tuesday November 16 shot during the Congress of Mayors of France and in which we see the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, without a mask and without respecting barrier gestures a week before being tested positive at Covid-19, Monday, November 22. “We are all fallible”repeats the Minister of the Economy, “let’s say it with humility and try to improve”.

“No credible offer for the recovery of Sam”

“There is no credible offer for Sam’s takeover, let’s say it honestly and transparently”says Bruno Le Maire, while Renault refused Tuesday, November 23 to support the project to take over its Aveyron subcontractor SAM, condemning the small automotive foundry, located in the Decazeville basin, to liquidation. “We fought like for every industrial site”assures Bruno Le Maire, specifying that “if there was a really solid and promising takeover offer today”the government “would have imposed it in one way or another”. “This is not the case”deplored the minister who invites us to wait for the court’s decision on Friday 26 November.

Wish: after the delisting, the planned ban

If the Wish e-commerce site does not comply with consumer protection and product safety rules, within a few weeks, “we will go so far as to ban it on French territory”threatens Bruno Le Maire, after ordering his delisting “to major search engine managers and mobile app stores”.

Borrower insurance: for a reduction of the “right to be forgotten”

“It is a question of fundamental justice. There is nothing more unjust than illness”declares Bruno the Mayor who said to himself “favorable to the opening of work with insurer banks, on the discriminating factors of access to borrower insurance”. People affected by and having been affected by serious illnesses, such as cancer, often have difficulty insuring themselves against death, illness or disability, and therefore ultimately to obtain a mortgage, even several years after their remission. The minister wants “shorten the period of the right to be forgotten” for these people.

“Welcome” to the now ex-LR Muselier

Bruno Le Maire wishes the “welcome” to Renaud Muselier, the president of the Paca region, who announced on LCI that he was leaving Les Républicains, regretting a “political drift” towards the extreme right of some including Éric Ciotti, candidate for the nomination of the LR for the presidential election. “His place is in this majority, like many people who are still with the Republicans, whether they are mayors, deputies or ordinary citizens, and who basically share our convictions”adds Bruno Le Maire.

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