Google is pushing Apple to introduce RCS with an ad in Las Vegas

Google used 2022 to repeatedly push Apple to introduce RCS on iOS, namely the successor to SMS. This provides an experience similar to iMessage and is already a reality on the Android side. Now history repeats itself in 2023.

Google (really) wants Apple to adopt RCS

It was in the Harmon Corner shopping center in Las Vegas that Google decided to challenge Apple with a digital billboard. You can read there:

Hi Apple. It’s android

The ball may have dropped in 2022, but you don’t have to drop the ball to fix your pixelated photos and videos. Here’s some code to get things started…

The “ball” referred to refers to the Times Square Ball. This is a luminous time ball in Times Square, which represents a symbol of the event organized in the famous district of New York for New Year. The ball descends slowly from 23:59 on a mast located on the roof of One Times Square to land at midnight sharp. This event is called “the ball drop” in English.

Here, Google makes puns in connection with the term that is known in the USA and thus invites Apple to switch to RCS. There are even lines of code that appear, that is.

Google launched the Get the Message campaign last August with a website touting the benefits of RCS, return receipts, encryption of conversations, sending high-quality images and videos, better managed group conversations, the ability to chat from a Wi-Fi connection and more. The idea is that both Android and iOS users can have this common experience.

But Apple is not interested in RCS. “I don’t hear our users asking that we’re spending a lot of energy on this right now”Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in September.

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