“Google is done”: OpenAI’s new artificial intelligence impresses, but…

News JVTech “Google is done”: OpenAI’s new artificial intelligence impresses, but…

Artificial intelligence fascinates more and more people! And the latest OpenAI baby proves it in almost two weeks by answering almost all the questions of its one million and a few users.

ChatGPT: A really smart language model?

The year 2022 is coming to an end and with everything we have seen over the past few months, we can safely say that 2022 has been an exceptional year for artificial intelligence. Thanks to the work of Meta, Tesla and especially OpenAI, the progress in this field has been colossal. And to realize this, just take the example of the many generative AIs that have been a hit, such as DALL-E 2, PICTURE, Stable broadcast 2.0 or Midjourney.

But for several days, it is another type of AI that is a hit! And you know what, it’s still signed OpenAI and it’s called ChatGPT. Unlike DALL-E, which is an image generator, ChatGPT is a language model. In short, this AI is an online application that connects a human with an AI based on machine learning. When you send a question to the AI, it connects with its vast pool of knowledge and gives you relevant answers.

And since its launch, ChatGPT has been a hit! With the many internet users having fun asking it a myriad of questions, the language model reached a million users in a matter of days. Such a success that you almost wonder if Google has anything to worry about? Some are even announcing it already: “Google is done.”

ChatGPT really stronger than Google?

Today, when we ask ourselves a question, our first instinct is – after surveying our entourage – is to write the mentioned question in Google’s search bar. From there, the search engine gives us a mess of results. Problem, the first results aren’t always the ones that give THE right answer. Depending on the topic, we usually have to consult several links before we come across the right rebuttal.

And this is mainly where ChatGPT stands out! Thanks to the fact that this OpenAI artificial intelligence is a conversational language model, just ask her a question and she will give us the answer directlyeven on the most difficult questions. String theory, explaining an error or solving a complex mathematical problemChatGPT simply has THE right answer (or almost) every time.

But even though AI has the answer to almost everything, certain limits can already be foreseen. Because if most people use it to get an answer to a simple question, other people might see ChatGPT as a tool to hurt – we let you imagine yourself. Fortunately, OpenAI is aware that we do not live in Care Bear’s world and already provides several solutions to these problems. Also note that the company’s teams have already configured ChatGPT to show no political or ideological bias. As we explained above, a ton of users have already tested ChatGPT. If you want to do the same, just here.

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