Google Help for News Publishers

Start-ups, such as newspapers, have benefited from Google’s contribution to stimulating innovative initiatives.

“Short projects, implemented quickly, with slightly less funds”… It is in these terms that Ludovic Blecher, head of the Google News Initiative Innovation, presented his program, which aims to instill an R&D culture in the press. The idea is now to find out within a year whether it works or not. “No need to go on a three-year project with Web3”summed up the manager at the La Presse au Futur show on December 7.

Google’s digital news initiative involves 75 projects in France for 20.1 million euros. To The world, for example, this has encouraged a 40% increase in subscribers from one year to the next thanks to on-demand pricing, a paywall that encourages registration of simultaneous connections on a shared account. To The teampageviews increased by 20% thanks to a 30x increase in push notifications and a 27x increase in opens


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