Google Doodle welcomes the Year of the Rabbit for the Lunar New Year

To mark Lunar New Year, Google unveiled its traditional doodle adapted to the Year of the Rabbit. At midnight on Sunday, Google said goodbye to the Year of the Tiger and welcomed the Rabbit as the world celebrates Chinese New Year.

This celebration also signifies the Spring Festival, which is an occasion to honor family, deities and ancestors. While in many cultures the New Year is generally associated with a fresh start, the Lunar New Year is seen as a time of reunion and rebirth, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Unlike the holidays associated with the Gregorian solar calendar, the traditional Chinese calendar marks the days of the year according to the ancient Chinese lunisolar calendar system, which bases the months on the phases of the moon.

Houses are thoroughly cleaned to make way for good luck, and fireworks are lit to ward off bad monsters and bad luck. Google is rejoining the party, placing an Ester egg that sets off fireworks on its results page when you search for terms related to the Lunar New Year.

The festivities usually last two weeks and begin with a nightly parade with floats, dragons, dancers and musicians. While recent celebrations have been more subdued than usual, the spirit has not been dulled.

Year of the Rabbit

The doodle depicts a running rabbit, made from traditional paper cutting, surrounded by plum blossoms (symbolizing endurance and hope) and a bonsai tree (symbolizing harmony and patience).

Google is spelled using lanterns, meaning a wish for a better future, and ‘ang pao’, the red envelope, symbolizing a wish for happiness and blessings.

The rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac and is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity. Chinese astrology predicts that with the qualities of the Rabbit, the year 2023 will bring peace and successwhich may have been lacking in the Year of the Tiger.

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