Google Clock now lets you save a custom alarm ringtone

Google has just updated its Clock application. The alarm clock feature it integrates now allows you to record a personal alarm ringtone to pull you out of Morpheus’ arms.

Google has just rolled out a new feature in its Clock app. Pre-installed on millions of devices, the application, as the name suggests, allows you to check the time (in different time zones), provides access to a timer and a stopwatch, and of course has an alarm function. . It is on this that Google has obviously leaned to integrate a new function.

A personal alarm tone

The Mountain View company has apparently deployed a server-side update to version 7.3 of the application. This is reported by Mishaal Rahman, a journalist and developer in his spare time, in a publication sent to Twitter.

The application’s alarm feature, which allows you to configure multiple alarm clocks, now includes the ability to record a personalized alarm tone using the device’s microphone. When enabled, this option simply launches Recorder, Google’s official voice recorder application. New ringtones recorded from the Clock application are logged to it with the date and time of recording, as the Recorder app already does. However, it is not possible to customize the name of each recorded ringtone. This new option complements those already in place. Until now, in addition to the ringtones offered natively, Google Clock has only offered two ringtone options. You can choose a personal audio file stored locally or on Google Drive, or select a title from your usual music streaming application.


However, this new feature would not be available to everyone. Google would have reserved it in advance, at least for now, only for Pixel smartphone users. We were also able to check it on the various Android smartphones at our disposal. Installed on a Samsung Galaxy, version 7.3 of the Google Clock application did not include this feature, while it was available on a Pixel.



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