Good news for the move to earn, alternatives to the Stepn app are starting to emerge

At the end of December 2021, a whole new type of NFT was born on the Solana blockchain, it is the move to earn. Concretely, as its name suggests, the move to earn is an application that allows you to earn money by walking or running. This application that has been talked about so much for a few months is called stepn. We have seen people earning up to 3000€ per day, which inevitably created a craze around the move to earn. That’s why today we are going to tell you about two alternatives to Stepn that are starting to emerge. the promising alternative

Let’s start with the project which is one of the most serious projects in terms of team and development. It’s not out yet but you have the option to pre-register directly through their website. There are already more than 3 million people pre-registered. Just like Stepn, has its own token, this is the Fitfi which has been listed since the end of April on Coinmarketcap on the Avalanche blockchain with a course of 0.24$ at the time of writing this article. In terms of innovation, the project did not seek to stand out from its Stepn counterpart, it boils down to earn income by playing sports.

To learn more about this project, we invite you to consult their litepaper.

Dotmoovs: the original alternative

The second alternative to Stepn is dotmoovs. Unlike, this project stands out for its originality. Indeed, to earn money, Dotmoovs offers to reward participants by winning small or big sporting challenges such as juggling or dancing competitions. The winner of the contest earn Moovs which is the application token.

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