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Bank card insurance guarantees

These guarantees mainly protect you when you travel, in France or abroad. If the medical assistance and repatriation guarantee during trips is one of the most widespread, there are also other types of guarantee. Among the insurance guarantees, we find:

Travel-related guarantees

Medical assistance and repatriation from abroad, loss or theft of luggage, last-minute trip cancellation or trip incident or interruption: you can use these guarantees to request reimbursement of your plane tickets or to be compensated in the event of delay.

The snow and mountain guarantee

This guarantee protects you in particular in the event of a ski accident or accidental breakage of equipment.

Civil liability cover abroad

Although civil liability cover is generally included in your Multi-risk Home Insurance, you are generally not covered abroad. A specific guarantee from your bank card can supplement your cover.

Rental vehicle damage or theft cover

Did you crash your rental vehicle? Was the car you rented stolen? This guarantee can take over to avoid unforeseen expenses.

The purchase guarantee

In the event of damage or theft of an object that you have just purchased with your bank card, the repair or replacement may be covered, subject to conditions, by the insurance of your bank card.

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