Fraud: health insurance alert on vital card scams



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H.Puffeney, B.Thomas, S.Guibout, L.Barbier – France 3

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L’Health Insurance alert on vital card scams. If you receive an SMS for a renewal request, it is a trap to extract your bank details. A very well run scam.

To steal from you, crooks use two everyday objects: your telephone and your vital card. For several months, French people have been receiving text messages telling them that their new vital card is available, or that it is about to expire. They are then invited to fill out a form by clicking on a link. On this form, you are asked to enter your identity information, but also your credit card number.

Thanks to this personal data, the scammers call you back with another number. They pretend to be a trusted person, impersonating your banker. The scammer has a pretext: he explains that you have been the victim of fraud and that he needs your bank details to secure your account. All he has to do is extract money from you. Hundreds of French people have been robbed in this way, sometimes several thousand euros. To protect yourself from this scam, a reflex: constantly be wary text messages that we receive.

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