Ford wants to be inspired by Tesla

With the rise of electric mobility, the automotive industry is undergoing a revolution. A new era that does not only concern the development of electric vehicles, but also extends to our consumption habits.

In fact, faced with the traditional sales network of manufacturers, in certain markets, online sales are progressing rapidly. A boon for brands, which thus save on operating costs, infrastructure and personnel.

Inspired by the success, and more importantly, the profits made by electrical giant Tesla, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently said consumers need to be prepared for dramatic changes in the coming months.

Among the avenues considered, Ford intends to switch to non-negotiated prices, 100% online sales “. In the mind of the Ford leader, the brand’s dealer network would be used to support online sales. Farley estimates that the company’s distribution model costs about $2,000 per vehicle more than Tesla.

To optimize its turnover and improve the profitability of its vehicles, Ford therefore seems determined to accompany the transition to electric with major changes in the way vehicles are sold. A strategy that has paid off for Tesla and that other manufacturers have already implemented on an ad hoc basis.

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