Ford opts for Ogury’s Personified Targeting technology to promote its Kuga Hybrid – MMAF

To promote its Kuga Hybrid model, the car manufacturer Ford has set up, with the creative agency GTB and the media agency Mindshare (GroupM), a multi-lever digital campaign. Ford has partnered with Ogury to accurately identify its target audience and engage them with high-impact, visible ad formats, all without collecting personal data or intrusive tracking.

For this campaign, which ran from September 6 to 19, 2021, Ogury used its Personified Targeting technology. This personified advertising technology solution has enabled Ford to accurately identify the interests of its target – people with a strong appetite for electric and hybrid vehicles – without resorting to the collection of personal data.

The Personified Targeting solution is based on 7 years of data collected with the consumer’s consent and analyzes of the applications and sites they have visited. In 2020, after accumulating enough international insights into user behaviors online, Ogury stopped this collection, making its targeting technology completely independent of cookies and advertising IDs. To ensure their relevance, these lessons are constantly updated and validated by surveys of large panels of users.

In terms of dissemination strategy, the campaign was conducted in two phases. The first phase, awareness, consisted of an impactful mobile video ad aimed at raising awareness of the brand and its hybrid model. In the second phase of consideration, Ogury rolled out its Site Scroller format. This full-screen format allowed the brand to engage its target consumers through an interactive microsite embedded in the advertising format.

While fewer and fewer mobile users accept advertising tracking, the possibilities of measuring the traffic on online sites generated after an advertisement have drastically diminished. The Site Scroller format makes it possible to overcome this lack and to understand how the mobile user engages with the message. Thanks to this format, Ogury was able to measure interactions with the different elements of the message, such as the engagement rate on each part of the format through swipes and time spent.

To help Ford analyze the impact of this video campaign, Ogury used a new metric called Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% duration, which is based on 100% of the ad’s viewable screen space for at least the half the length of the video. This indicator – available through major third-party meters such as IAS, Oracle MOAT or DV – goes beyond simple video completion rate (VCR). VCR is widely used by advertisers but can be misleading, especially on mobile. Indeed, the user may very well have scrolled down the page, causing the video to continue playing while being partially onscreen, or even no longer onscreen at all. A high VCR rate can therefore be recorded, but what is its value if the advertising message is no longer visible on the screen?

“Our priority has always been to deliver the best results to brands. With tools such as those developed by Ogury, we are able to concretely measure the impact of the campaigns that we set up for our clients,” underlines Karen Sonigo, Director of Digital Operations at Mindshare France.

The awareness phase of the campaign achieved 68% Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% Duration. With an average VCR of 80%* and a viewability rate of 92%, the campaign far exceeded market standards, respectively 57.4% and 62.2%**. The consideration phase generated an 11% engagement rate (with an average of 2.4 swipes per user). Additionally, users spent an average of 8 seconds on the format.

“Ogury is at the forefront of mobile advertising solutions, notably through new performance standards such as the Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% Duration. Their results are very successful thanks to innovative, immersive and non-intrusive advertising formats. This makes Ogury a privileged partner for our digital campaigns, which allows us to offer an enriched advertising experience to our consumers,” concludes Amaïa Bady, B2C Communication Specialist at Ford France.

A real success, the campaign has already received numerous awards in 2022: the Grand Prize and the mobile advertising campaign prize at the Mobiles d’Or, an Advertising Innovation Trophy in the Mobile category, and – on April 20 – the prize for best digital video advertising during La Nuit des Rois.

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