Foldable iPhone: the display technology would be identical to that of the Galaxy Z Fold 3

L’Foldable iPhone seems even less certain than the helmet Apple VR, and yet, recurring information suggests that Apple is still working on a model of this type. The site The Elec tells us today that the Cupertino company has started the development of OLED panels without polarizer and therefore thinner (and also more foldable as a result), a display technology which is already the one used by Samsung with its Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In this type of panel, the polarizing film is replaced by a color filter directly encapsulated in the thin film, with the addition of a layer of black polyimide pixels. Thanks to this process, the foldable screen manages to keep bright colors over the entire surface of the slab. The Galaxy Z Fold 3’s foldable screen is said to display 33% more brightness than the previous model, while consuming 25% less power. Given this information, we can therefore wonder if Apple will again provide Samsung for the screen of its future foldable iPhone (this is already the case for current iPhone ranges).

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