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Far from the fundraising of several hundred million euros and the exponential valuations of unicorns, hundreds of little-known companies in France are growing discreetly away from the spotlight of the news and are rich in lessons.

They are innovative, agile, inspiring and are ambassadors of French technology and know-how abroad. I suggest you go and meet them to discover these teams and these nuggets full of assets that will be talked about tomorrow and are gaining recognition today, it’s the Focus Entrepreneur.

Let’s start this series with GLOBAL Technologies Group, expert in engineering, IT project deployment and telecom infrastructure.

The group was founded by a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur Jean Paul Steinitz who began his career at Alcatel after training at Dauphine. Very quickly, he understands that a certain number of “businesses” are neglected by the big telephone operators “Telco”, he creates ARM, a computer consulting company which, at the time, is a market in exponential increase. A pioneer, it became one of the French protagonists in the sector thanks to its organic growth and external acquisitions. Very quickly, he developed an ITSM tool (IT service management) and became one of the French leaders in this market.

The creation of Global Technology

Thanks to the confidence of major contractors and on the strength of his industrial and technological skills in TELCO, Jean-Paul Steinitz created GLOBAL Technologies in 2004. His niche: deploying his telecom technology on sensitive or hostile terrain (extreme climatic zones or conflict zones) but also in high-growth countries.

He works with major industrial, civil and military groups. Its success lies in its ability to offer, upstream to the principals, engineering advice, support, software and technical expertise in the field.

Four skills in one hand. Thanks to the convergence of the 3 entities & brands that are:

1 Metracom

Integrator of telecommunications and video transport solutions, Metracom specializes in the supply and installation of earth stations, VSAT networks and media contribution systems.

2 crown forest

International Consulting / Specialist in the recruitment of international professionals and teams of qualified and trained specialists to carry out projects throughout the world.

3 Activity area

Founded in 1997, BusinessLine is a software publisher specializing in the Service Management sector, and supporting its 150,000 users.

Its strength is the synergy between innovative technologies in telecoms and experienced logistics teams who deploy them in all areas. Ultra-agile because of intermediate size, they enable large operators to ensure the continuity of their services in France and around the world, even in “sensitive” areas.

The company has contributed to major developments that affect us on a daily basis, such as the “Galileo” program, a European competitor to GPS. As part of the EGNOS GEO-3 project, Metracom, a subsidiary of the GLOBAL Technologies Group, carried out the installation of ground installations for the French operator EUTELSAT. This allows Europeans to be independent in terms of guidance and eventually no longer depend on the American GPS system.

Constant service even in high-risk areas

GLOBAL Technologies operates in conflict zones, as it did in Afghanistan on behalf of NATO, from 2007 to 2020. Its core business is to subcontract, on behalf of large operators, the installation of infrastructures and telecommunications networks such as fibre, radio networks, satellites, etc.

Skills little known but recognized worldwide.

Seduced by its intervention qualities, NATO called on GLOBAL Technologies for its Assistance & Advisory Services (A&AS) contract. It is the only French company, among 10 international companies, to have been selected to meet NATO’s intellectual services needs for a period of 5 years. The purpose of this contract is to provide all the consultants necessary for the smooth running of operations, particularly in the IT and Telecoms sector.

…But also on essential functions in Europe:

  • EUROCONTROL – Brussels

Development of efficient and sustainable innovative solutions for air traffic management in Europe.

  • ECMWF – Reading (England)

Production of numerical weather forecasts and scientific research to improve weather forecasting skills.

  • EUSPA – Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Mission on behalf of the European Space Agency (operational management of the EGNOS and Galileo satellite navigation programs) and to ensure the continuous supply of their services.

GLOBAL Technologies technology is an essential cog in the economic development in Africa.

The deployment of these telecom infrastructures in Africa contributes to economic growth and to attracting foreign investors to these countries. By acquiring the latest technologies, African countries can hope to attract foreign companies to their territories. Established for more than 15 years in many countries on the African continent, the Group generates more than 50% of its turnover there.

Recently the Group was chosen to modernize the telecommunications network of the Central African Republic (CAR).

Like most sub-Saharan countries, the telecommunications sector is booming in the CAR. President Touadéra’s wish is to restore the large microwave network, dating back nearly 50 years, in order to restore a quality telecom service in the CAR. It is to GLOBAL Technologies that Socatel, (the national telecom operator), entrusted the task of modernizing the infrastructure.

This mission, which aims to restore a quality telecom service in the south-west of the country, will provide internet access to 40% of the Central African population and create an interconnection with neighboring countries, in particular Congo and Cameroon, to access the network. With its experience gained in the field, GLOBAL Technologies also manages the technical aspects of projects such as with the Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC).

The company saw its turnover decrease slightly in 2021 due to the impossibility of going to major international conferences such as Capsat in Dubai or NITEC in Austin to present and sell new projects. Next June, GLOBAL Technologies and its subsidiary Metracom will be present at EUROSATORY 2022 (the great annual French defense and security mass).

Since the beginning of the year, the company has caught up by winning new projects from existing customers and new customers. In these periods of conflict, the group could well be talked about more, its growth is accelerating with increased demand from regular customers, led by NATO.

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