flood of recalls for BMW, Ford and Tesla in the United States in 2022

The recent count from the authority responsible for road safety in the United States shows a large number of recalls for the first half of 2022, in particular at Tesla, Ford and BMW.

Unlike France and more generally Europe, which do not oblige car manufacturers to communicate clearly on recall campaigns, on the other side of the Atlantic, the organization NTHSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association ) standby. The public authority in charge of listing recalls and managing road safety brings together the millions of data collected from major automotive groups, and offers them in public access on its official website. And it is clear that the acceleration in sales of electrified cars does not reduce the number of recalls.

Tesla, Ford and GM in the lead

At the current count, Ford comes out on top at the end of May 2022 with 32 recalls for a total of 3.53 million vehicles affected, ahead of Tesla (12 recalls, 2.25 million vehicles) and General Motors (9 recalls, 1.42 million vehicles). Mercedes and Volkswagen are not outdone in the country of Uncle Sam, but with a lower number of cars.

Currently, the biggest recall is to be put on the account of BMW, for a risk of short circuit on the control system of evacuation of vapors at the level of the low engine (PCV Heater): alone, it affects more than 917,000 vehicles.

Overall, if the electric car eliminates almost all the breakdowns related to the powertrain, we observe today that it does not solve the problems of an electronic nature. Add to that the recalls for exterior elements such as the bodywork or certain interior parts, and you understand why the numbers are so high, especially at Tesla.

In addition, as an analyst from AlixPartners explains to the Wall Street Journal, recalls are all the more problematic and costly today because the automotive industry is already suffering from faulty logistics and missing parts.

Published on 05/31/2022 Updated 05/31/2022

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