Flameless combustion, new technology from Ökofen

The pellet boiler specialist is launching Pellematic Condens ZeroFlame, a new boiler whose flameless combustion reduces fine particle emissions to near zero.

The pellet boiler is a solution recommended to solve air quality problems. About 400 times less polluting than a conventional chimney, it nevertheless emits a small quantity of fine particles. The manufacturer Ökofen is innovating today to make this heating method even cleaner, with ZeroFlame, a new flameless combustion technology that avoids the production of these particles.

Efficient and accessible

Pellematic Condens ZeroFlame has been designed with a dual challenge: reduce particle emissions to a minimum and limit the additional cost to make the device accessible to as many people as possible. It was therefore developed based on the achievements of the Pellematic Condens boiler, with a redesigned combustion chamber and partial recirculation of combustion gases towards the burner and the secondary combustion zone. Unlike an electrofilter which traps the particles generated by combustion, this less costly and maintenance-free technology optimizes combustion at the source. Result: no flame, very little smoke, and a drastic reduction in fine particle emissions to a level that is difficult to detect for current measuring devices.

The level of fine dust reaches an average of 2 mg/Nm3, with an efficiency of 105% (in 10 kW), values ​​validated by TÜV Austria. Otherwise, the new ZeroFlame version incorporates the characteristics of the Pellematic Condens: very high efficiency condensation, compactness, simplicity of installation, regulation connected as standard, fully automated operation. It is available in 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 kW. the additional cost of the boiler is about 500 €, compared to €2,500 for the electrofilter of a boiler intended for a single-family home.

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